Athletes finishing school – Have you considered studying and training in CANBERRA next year?

A lifestyle and environment that allows you to balance training with study and/or work because everything is only 10 minutes away!

MattyB DEPT MBD orange font

If you are an athlete who may need to consider moving interstate next year to study it is important to consider all factors to make the right decision. Many people find themselves in an environment that isn’t ideal for their training and your development and performance suffers leaving many people dropping out of the sport completely.

You may not have given Canberra a thought but if you are looking for a location that is ideal for training then maybe you should. MattyB DEPT proudly based in Canberra provides professional coaching to athletes of all ages and boasts numerous national junior and senior champions as well as three Olympians.

Yes we have cold winters but here are just a few things that may be of interest when making your decision.

  •  You are no more than 10min travel time from either ANU or University of Canberra residences to training. Less travel allows more flexibility with training and also important recovery time.
  • Training in the MBD squad gives you greater access to the track than general public meaning greater flexibility around university timetables.
  • Our squad does gym at the University of Canberra and MBD squad members receive a big discount on membership and access to special training areas.
  • The squad has an established relationship with a local physiotherapy centre that provides screening and discounted treatment to squad members.
  • We also have access to massage therapy services as discounted rates

MBD has positions available for all levels of ability, including elite, so if you are keen to explore your athletic ability then Canberra may just be the right place to balance your study and athletics.

More information on MBD can be found at or if you wish you express interest or contact me

Good luck with your results in study and athletics over the next few months.

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