MBD Coaching Overview


MattyB FIT4FUN (Stage 1)

FIT4FUN stands for Fun In Training Fostering Understanding Nurturing.

This represents the coaching services provided to junior athletes. Primary focus is on active participation and development but there is still a provision for support and nurturing available to those who show talent and long term potential.

Stage 1 FIT4FUN Weekly Sessions for ages 10 – 15

Athletes attend 1-2 sessions per week run by qualified coaches who are also part of the senior development or elite squads in the MattyB DEPT.

MattyB DEPT. of Athletic Coaching (Stages 2, 3, 4 and therapy)

DEPT. stands for Development & Elite Professional Training.

This component of the business represents the coaching services provided to athletes over the age of 10. Opportunities are available to both the developing and elite athlete. There is an extremely high expectation of professionalism on all athletes in these squads.

Stage 2 MBD Development Squad for ages 14 – 17

The development squad is for the athlete wanting to commence training on a regular basis. At this stage athletes will be expected to show more of a commitment to their training. Multiple training sessions a week will be offered. Places are limited and selection in this squad can be performance based. The squad is coached by Matt Beckenham with the support of other coaches when required.

Stage 3 MBD Squad for Ages 17 plus

This squad trains up to 4 times per week and MattyB is your permanent coach. This squad also trains with the MBD Elite squad so there is a huge expectation placed on this squad to train as a professional athlete. Athletes compete in gifts and other major events nationally and possibly internationally. This is an extremely popular squad and although there are no specific performance criteria for this squad there are extreme limitations on numbers and acceptance in this squad is based totally on the subjective decision of MattyB.

Within this squad is the MBD Gifted squad which includes athletes who focus on running in the professional running events across the country like the Stawell Gift.

Stage 4 MBD Elite Squad for Ages 17 plus

There is a very high expectation of professionalism placed on these athletes with many striving for national selection at either senior or junior level. The elite squad is open to anyone aged 17 years or above who have reached the elite standards. Athletes who have not reached the standards may still be considered for selection in the elite squad if MBD believes they have outstanding potential or demonstrate abilities that compliment the current squad.

Selection is dependent on positions being available in the squad but nominations will always be considered. Athletes may be placed into the senior or development level if MBD feels this is a better fit. All athletes must complete a trial period first.

This squad has the highest expectation of professionalism and athletes in this squad complete up to 12 sessions per week with many striving for Commonwealth and Olympic Games selection.

Professional Athletics Coaching and Management

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