MattyB FIT4FUN Training Sessions Age 7-13


Fun In Training Fostering Understanding Nurturing


Squad Limits will apply so please register your interest ASAP.

Please note sessions will run in all weather. Email / Text messages will be sent out if session is cancelled for any reason but please note we will attempt to run them rain or shine!

Everyone is welcome to come and try the first session before paying but please confirm your attendance prior so that we can have appropriate coaches at the session.


Where – AIS Track (athletes must purchase their own season pass or tickets at additional cost)

When – On going all year (except when coaches are interstate or overseas for competitions or camps)

Age – 7-13 (Athletes aged 13+ looking for more serious training should consider the MBD Development squad)

Commitment  1 day per week  (Friday 4pm) Sessions run for 60min

How much?     $80 per month or $20 per session

Squad Coaches – Lauren Wells and Jordan Shelley


These sessions aim to provide technical instruction and guidance in a fun, positive environment.

Sessions will aim to improve the general skill and technique of the athlete as well as overall speed, fitness, coordination, mobility and basic strength.

These sessions are also aimed at utilising the benefits of group dynamics to improve social skills, behavioural skills, communication skills and respect for oneself and others.

If you are interested in nominating or would like some information about training simply email or call Matt on 0490026875.

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