MBD Squad Age 17+


 Athletes in the current MattyB DEPT. squad
MBD SQUAD (Age 17+)

This squad trains between 2-5 times per week. This squad also trains at times with the MBD Elite squad so there is a huge expectation placed on this squad to train as a professional athlete. Athletes compete in gifts and other major events nationally and possibly internationally.

Younger athletes in the development squad (Age 14-17) will train with this squad throughout the year at various times.

This is an extremely popular squad and although there are no specific performance criteria for this squad there are limitations on numbers and acceptance in this squad based totally on the subjective decision of MBD. All athletes must complete a trial period first.

MBD Gifted Squad

Within this main squad is the MBD Gifted squad which includes athletes who focus on running in the professional running events across the country like the Stawell Gift.

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