MattyB DEPT. 2011-12 Squad

Tier 1

Tier 1 athletes represent the highest level of commitment and professionalism. Performance standards also apply to be considered.

1.         Brendan Cole (AIS)

2.         Lauren Boden (AIS)

3.         Chloe Jamieson (AIS)

4.         Melissa Breen (ACTAS)

Tier 2

Tier 2 athletes are subject to an ongoing review and may move to Tier 1 or 3 based on performance, commitment, attitude and time restraints for MattyB.

5.         Luke Storta

6.         Rachael Carnegie

7.         Ollie Wurm^

^ Ollie will complete a compulsory trial
period first.

8.        Jaryd Cowley*

*Jaryd has not completed nomination form but discussions have taken place and he has been given an extended time due to overseas

9.        Grant Billingham#

10.      Tom Burbidge#

#Grant and Tom are currently on rehab programs so have been given extended time to complete nomination form.

Tier 3

Tier 3 athletes are subject to an ongoing review and consideration for Tier 1 or 2, however, athlete and coach time restraints and other priorities are the major reasons for selection in this tier.

Athletes coached by Melissa Breen are also placed in this Tier.

11.       Brendan Matthews – Coached by MattyB

12.       Brandan Galic – Coached by MattyB

13.       Stephen Sheppard – Coached by MattyB

14.       Jesse Matthews –Coached by MattyB / Melissa

15.       Emily Barbour – Coached by Melissa

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