MattyB DEPT. in Japan 2010

Summary of Results from Japan 2010

To see video footage of these meets click here

Osaka Meet

  • Lauren Boden victory, personal best and moves to number 3 Australian All Time with 55.25
  • Melissa Breen 3rd in 11.47 into a headwind placing behind Veronica Campbell Brown
  • Brendan Cole season best and back under 50 seconds with 49.85 to finish 5th 

Shizuoka Meet

  • Lauren Boden victory, meet record and personal best time of 55.49
  • Melissa Breen 3rd in 200m 23.69 (-0.2w)
  • Brendan Cole 4th 400m Hurdles 50.36

Hiroshima Meet

  • Lauren Boden has 12.03 (-0.1w) 3rd Heat of the 100m and 12.04 (2.3w) 7th B Final 
  • Melissa Breen 11.41 (2.5w) 1st heat of the 100m and 11.38 (1.7w) 3rd in Final
  • Lauren also paced the 800m running through 500m in 75 seconds in between heat and final of the 100m.

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