Melissa Breen shows promising International form with Victory in Hiroshima

Media Release


Melissa Breen shows promising International form with Victory in Hiroshima.

Flash Results

Final – 11.28 (1.5w) Commonwealth Games A Qualifier and her 5th Fastest all time.

Heat – 11.22 (3.5w) Heat (3rd fastest run in all conditions)


All- time Best performances

11.11 Aus Record     9th Feb 2014

11.15 Canberra        9th Feb 2014 – victory of Sally Pearson

11.25 Sydney           9th March 2013

11.27 Luzern            17th July 2012 – 2 weeks before Olympic Games

11.28 Hiroshima    29th April 2014


Japan Schedule Summary

3rd May – Shizuoka 200m

6th May – Mito 100m

11th May – Tokyo World Challenge Meet 100m

Today was Melissa’s 2nd fastest time outside of Australia. Second behind her PB in the lead up to the London Olympics at Luzern where she ran 11.27 with the perfect allowable wind of 2.0m/s.


This is Melissa’s 5th A qualifier in the past 3 months. 3 of her top 5 races have been in 2014 and she has run personal bests in 2012 (11.27), 2013 (11.25) and 2014 (11.11).


Since breaking the Australian record early in the domestic season a decision was made to be careful to not fall into the same trap as last year where she ran a PB in Sydney and then picked up an injury after travelling to Perth. This wiped out the remainder of the 2013 domestic season.


Breen has been back into hard work since nationals and this gives a great indication that she is tracking towards some great results at the Commonwealth Games.


After the final today Breen stated “I’m very happy. I am glad the final was a legal wind and I felt like I executed it better than the heat.”


“I still have some things to iron out with my blocks but we have recently been playing around with some different focus areas and that will take a bit of adjusting and refinement.”


Breen will next compete in Shizuoka on the 3rd May in the 200m which will be used as more of a training benefit rather than chasing a fast time.


“I missed some work and races through February and March being safe and looking after my body after the national record so running two 200m in Shizuoka will make for a good training day.”


She will then compete on the 6th May at a venue that hold great significance for Australian sprinting. In 2003 Patrick Johnson became the first Australian to break 10 seconds at Mito and 11 years later the recent female Australian record holder will return to this track to run the 100m.


23 year old Breen will then complete your 2 week journey in Japan when she runs the 100m at the Tokyo Meet on the 11th May. This meet is part of the IAAF World Challenge events which also includes the Melbourne World Challenge Meet. Confirmed names for Tokyo already include Justin Gatlin, Kirani James, Brianna Rollins and Darya Klishina.


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