MBD – Week 2 of Europe Video

The second week of Europe is done and here is a training compilation for you to watch. We have some new additions to the house this week.

Obviously the highlight of the week was Lauren’s 55.55 in Ostrava but as you can see it was a hard week of training for all.

Missing from the video is Lauren’s Saturday session which was not filmed. It was 250m x 2 x 2 with rep 2 and 4 run over hurdles off 4m/12m rest.  Her overall times were an improvement on when she completed this session in Canberra in late May.

Melissa has pulled up reasonably well from her run in Nivelles. The hamstring tightness appears to have stemmed from her back from the travel on the day to the meet.

I hope you enjoy the video and remember footage of races is also available here


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