Breen Blasts World Champ B

On a beautiful Canberra weekend the MattyB DEPT. has produced a great series of performances at the ACT State championships.

Highlights of the weekend include:

  • Melissa Breen 11.34 (1.0w) and World Champs B qualifier in the 100m.
  • Alex Carew 52.23 PB in the 400m Hurdles.
  • Rachael Carnegie 25.55 (0.4w) PB in the 200m.
  • Chloe Jamieson 57.18 SB 400m.
  • Melissa Breen 23.46 (0.4w) second fastest ever 200m.
  • Alex Carew 21.52 (0.6w) in the 200m.

Thanks goes to all the officials and volunteers for putting on a wonderful competition.

The squad collected

6 Gold, 3 silver

Video available here

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