Sheppard 3rd Keilor Gift

Stephen Sheppard again continued his great form in the VAL making two finals at the Keilor Gift.

Sheppard ran great races all day first finishing 4th in the 70m final.

Not finished there he then produced a super run in the final (his 6th run of the afternoon) to cross the line in 3rd place.

Squad Results from the Keilor Gift

Best Results

Stephen Sheppard 3rd 120m Gift

 Keilor Gift Squad Winnings: $520

Yearly Squad Winnings:  $18460

Total Squad Sashes for 2009/10: 11

Individual Money Winners

  1. Luke Storta $9080
  2. Ramona Casey $2850
  3. Lauren Boden $2220
  4. Stephen Sheppard $1220
  5. Melissa Breen $500
  6. Patrick Elliott $455
  7. Tarin Nevin $405
  8. Derek Collinge $290
  9. MattyB $260
  10. Michael Rutter $225 
  11. Jaryd Cowley $180
  12. Jesse Matthews $105 
  13. Tom Burbidge $65
  14. Brandan Galic $50
  15. Kevin Matthews $40

Individual Results (money earning results only)

Grass Track, hot and gutsy conditions. 

Stephen Sheppard

  • 120m – (7.75m) 3rd Final ($500)
  • 70m (4.75m) 4th Final ($20)

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