Sheppard Rides the wave to another victory at Northcote

Sheppard wins 2 weeks in a Row

Stephen Sheppard has broken the drought in a big way with a victory in the 70m at the Northcote Gift. After winning only $210 in 4 years of running in the NSWAL until his Novice victory at the Queanbeyan Gift Sheppard has collected his first sash in his first ever meet with the VAL.

Running off 5m Sheppard won his heat, semi and Final to take the $300 first prize in the 70m. Later in the program Stephen also made the final of the main 100m Northcote Gift. Runnning of the novice 6m mark he finished a very respectable 6th in the final.

Fellow squad member Derek Collinge went within a whisker of taken out the 400m event finishing 2nd of 15m. Derek also made it through to the semi final of the 100m Gift.

Squad Results from the Northcote Gift

Best Results

Stephen Sheppard 70m winner

Northcote Gift Squad Winnings: $600

Yearly Squad Winnings:  $14385

Total Squad Sashes for 2009/10: 7

Individual Money Winners

  1. Luke Storta $8840
  2. Ramona Casey $2650
  3. Lauren Boden $770 
  4. Stephen Sheppard $700
  5. Melissa Breen $500
  6. Patrick Elliott $455
  7. Derek Collinge $290
  8. MattyB $60
  9. Jaryd Cowley $40
  10. Jesse Matthews $40 
  11. Tom Burbidge $25

Individual Results

Grass damp Track, Tailwind, overcast conditions

Stephen Sheppard

  • 70m – (5m) 1st Heat 3, 1st Semi 1, 7.62 1st Final ($300) 
  • 100m Gift – (6) 2nd Heat 8, 3rd Semi 2,  10.707 6th Final ($100)

Derek Collinge

  • 100m (6.75m) 2nd Heat 7, 6th Semi 1
  • 400m (15m) 1st Heat 5, 48.20 2nd Final ($200) 

Full Results of the Meet Click Here

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