November 2009 Newsletter



Please read this to ensure you are up to date with activities relating to the relay championships next weekend. The key themes for the whole trip is patience, teamwork and flexibility. Things will happen and it is all about working together as a team to ensure the trip is as smooth as possible. Teams may change, people might not agree with all things but all decisions will be made with the majority in mind so please remeber this if you start to stress. I am really looking forward to this trip and know we will all do everything we can to make it enjoyable for all.

TIMETABLE OF EVENTS – this may still change after final entries close!

WOMEN 4 x 100m 4 x 200m 4 x 400m
Heat Sun 12.04pm Sat 12.45pm Nil
Final Sun 4.25pm Sat 4.15pm Sun 9.30am
MEN 4 x 100m 4 x 200m 4 x 400m
Heat Sat 1.57pm Sun 10am Nil
Final Sat 4pm Sun 1.32pm Sat 11.20am

The final teams for the 2009 NSW Relay Champs have been confirmed

Men’s Team

4 x 100m

A Team – Luke Storta, Brendan Cole, Patrick Elliott, Brendan Matthews

B Team – Jesse Matthews, Stephen Sheppard, Tom Burbidge, Charlie Marques

4 x 200m 

A Team – Luke Storta, Brendan Cole, Tom Burbidge, Brendan Matthews – plus Charlie Marques to run heat!

B Team – Jesse Matthews, Stephen Sheppard, Jaryd Cowley, Patrick Elliott

4 x 400m

A Team – Jesse Matthews, Brendan Cole, Tom Burbidge, Brendan Matthews

B Team or Reserves – Jaryd Cowley, Luke Storta, Charlie Marques, plus 1


4 x 100m

Ramona or Sophie, Melissa Breen, Lauren Boden, Chloe Jamieson

4 x 200m

Heat – Tarin Nevin, Sophie Broadhead, Ramona Casey, Chloe/Mel or Lauren

Final – Ramona or Sophie, Melissa Breen, Lauren Boden, Chloe Jamieson

4 x 400m

Tarin Nevin, Lauren Boden, Ramona Casey, Chloe Jamieson


The squad will meet at AIS track car park at 7.15pm. Please ensure you have dinner before arriving. We will then travel in a 12 seater bus together (There may be 1 additional car travelling if required). We will return and drop off people at the track upon our return on Sunday afternoon. We will pick uo Sophie at Goulburn on the way through.


The whole idea of this trip is to travel and stay as a group. This is a squad camp so whilst I can’t tell you to stay with everyone it is strongly encouraged. The results are honestly secondary this weekend. I am more concerned about getting away together and working as a squad to make it as enjoyable as possible. Life as an elite athlete is about being able to travel and make the most of the situation faced and this is a good chance to experience this and see how you cope.

The Tarin family have been kind enough to allow us all to stay at their house which is most appreciated. Obviously there will not be enough beds for everyone so we will be sleeping on mattresses or sleeping bags on the floor but I ask that you make do and work together. Some people have a higher requirement for a proper bed and we will give priority to them but on the whole we should all be able to make do and handle this camp type sleeping situation.


We will bring up cereal and bread in the car and the Nevin’s will purchase milk and juice for our breakfast on Saturday morning. If you have special requests for cereal let me know ASAP!

We will head down to the nearest shops to buy chicken, rolls, salad etc for lunch on each day.

I have decided we should have some spaghetti bog and salad on Saturday for dinner so if that is not to your liking also let me know.


I will just keep a record of expenses and simply divide it up between everyone but it should not be an expensive weekend.


  • Please remember to bring your registration number with you to wear
  • I will be supplying singlets and crop tops for relays teams.
  • Please bring your own tights (navy or black please and we will put teams in same colours)
  • Bring money to buy drinks!
  • We will hopefully have a recovery container to put ice in to use after races. It is looking like it will be very hot so we will need to be smart with hydration and recovery.
  • At this stage you will not need to bring any sleeping bags but I will ask individuals if that changes. Bring a towel!
  • Please PACK LIGHT we will have limited room in the bus as it will be very full.

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