MBD Elite

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MBD elite identifies athletes usually aged 17* and above who have reached the elite standards set out below and are in a position to commit to their training as an elite athlete.  Other athletes may also be considered if MBD believes they have outstanding long term potential.

The expectations of professionalism and commitment to training are extremely high on athletes with athletes focused on competing in national or even international events.

Athletes in this squad will train primarily with the senior squad but other specific sessions will be conducted.

Selection is subject to interview and also dependant on positions being available in the squad. Please email mattybdept@gmail.com or call 0490026875 for more information or to express your interest.

*The standards for athletes aged under 15/16/17 are there as a guide to athletes to track their progress and only in rare cases would athletes that age be placed in this elite group.

Current MBD Elite Athletes

Elite Standards (subject to review and change at anytime)

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