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Fitness Agility & Speed Training

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MBD FAST is catered for athletes looking to improve on their speed, agility and fitness for team sports. It is available for individuals, groups or teams.

Speed is the ultimate weapon that separates the good players from the great. MBD FAST knows and understands speed and wants to pass this information onto you so that you can take yourself to the next level.

These sessions give you access to elite coaching to improve your technique and speed. The sessions are designed to be simple in nature and provide you with the tools in a manner that is easy to understand and apply. A few simple cues and instructions from experts will have you running faster in no time.

MBD FAST runs a weekly session for 45min and you are welcome to sign up for a one off or monthly block of sessions.

There are only limited numbers available in the session so please lock in your position as early as possible.


One off session: $30

Monthly Block: $100 for 4 sessions (You can pay for one session then pay the difference if you then want to do a full month!)


Every Thursday: 5pm at AIS Track, Bruce ACT (If AIS is unavailable on a particular day an alternate venue will be advised)

Confirmed February Dates

  1. 2nd Feb
  2. 9th Feb
  3. 16th Feb
  4. 23rd Feb

Confirmed March Dates

  1. 2nd March
  2. 9th March
  3. 16th March
  4. 23rd March

Please Note:

MBD FAST is designed to supplement or value add to the work already done by existing coaches of team sports, where relevant. In these situation MBD FAST would prefer athletes to speak with their club coaches first to see if they feel that these sessions would benefit their development.


If you would like to send through your expression of interest please contact mattybdept@gmail.com or 0490026875.


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