Price List

2016-17 PRICE LIST

Elite Ambassador and MBD Professional Program $500 per month. Some adjustments can be made based on individual assessment.

Ambassadors are athletes who are full time and performing at a level that is of national interest. Athletes will be given priority attention to reflect the commitment of the athlete and the need for attention to detail. All requirements from Athletics Australia with regard to monitoring, planning, projects  and “best practice” will be implemented. All sessions where possible will be with coach in attendance.

MBD Professional Program provides Athletes with coaching and therapy services. This is an invite program for athletes who are also seriously committed to their sport and have reached the appropriate performance standards.

Please note: Athletes who wish to receive training at levels that more closely reflect the elite level but are not at the performance level may be considered on a case by case situation.

Senior Squad $250 per month Athletes that are committed to their athletics but;

  • Aren’t at Ambassador Membership performance level or
  • Would prefer to be placed in at this level for other reasons eg. Financial, other commitments etc.

Primarily these athletes will train in the afternoon.

Associate Senior – $150 per month

Athletes who have significant other interests in their life but still wish to train and be involved in the squad.Athletes at times will train just as much as the senior athlete but at other times they might have periods where other things are the priority.Athletes who are injured for extended periods of time will also move to this pay band for the period until they return to full training.

Development Squad $150 per month (2 sessions per week) or $80 per month (1 session per week). Athletes will be introduced to regular training and the expectations of being an athlete. Focus is on long term development but time will be spent preparing athletes for national championships and other major events.
Junior FIT4FUN $220 per 6 week block (2 session per week)
Junior FIT4FUN $120 per 6 week block (1 session per week)
Junior FIT4FUN $25 per session (pay per session)
Mini FIT4FUN $120 per 6 week block (1 session per week)
Mini FIT4FUN $25 per session (pay per session)
Correspondence From $200 per month by arrangement
Private Session From $40 per session depending on group size

Differences in pricing may occur due to individual analysis and circumstances.

Prices are always subject to change.

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