2011/12 Gift Races

Stawell 2012

Albury 2012

Tassie Carnivals

Burnie 2012

Men’s Final – Cole 1st off 5.25m in a time of 12.13

Women’s Final – Breen 2nd off 0.25m in a time of 13.99

Devonport 2011 Day 1

Women’s 70m Final – Breen 1st off scratch in a time of 8.44

Men’s 400m Final – Cole 4th off 9m and Burbidge 5th off 18m

Women’s 400m Final – Boden 2nd off 7m in a time of 53.55

Devonport Day 2

Men’s 200m Final – Burbidge 1st off 13m in a time of 21.06, Cole 2nd off 8m in 21.22

Women’s 200m Final – Boden 1st off 8m in a time of 23,55, Breen 3rd off 3m in 23.99

La Trobe Gift

Women’s 400m – Boden 1st off 9m

QBN Gift 2011

Women’s Backmarkers – Breen 11.83 (scr)

Men’s Gift Final – won by C Hargreaves (9m) in 12.25

Women’s Gift Final – won by K Bull in 13.75 (15m)

Women’s Semi Finals

Men’s Semi Finals

70m Final

High Speed Footage

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