MBD Elite & Senior Squads Age 15+


MattyB DEPT orange font


 Athletes in the current MattyB DEPT. squad
The MattyB DEPT. Elite Ambassador and Senior Squad is for athletes aged 15 years and up.


These athletes represent some of the top track and field athletes in the country in both elite and professional running.

Athletes in this squad have from 6 to 9 sessions per week including track, gym and recovery sessions.

Places in this group are strictly limited and performance standards apply.


There is the highest expectation of work ethic from the athletes in the senior squads at all times and the coaches role with these athletes is primarily technical instruction and proper management of training and planning of competition schedules.

Whilst there are no specific performance standards for the senior squad there is a very high expectation of maturity and professional from all athletes in this squad.

If you are interested in applying please send an email of interest to Matt Beckenham at mattybdept@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “MBD Elite & Senior Squads Age 15+

  1. Matty reading your results page,small error.2nd prize by Derek in the 400 at Northcote was $200 not $50,your totals are higher.

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